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Temporary living in Regensburg

If you have to move your current residence to Regensburg for a traineeship or for professional reasons your stay for several months, then an inn is not necessarily an option. One would rather have a nice home, the rental of which is limited in time and just as inexpensive.

Because of this, one is certainly looking for offers for craftsman and fitter apartments, apartments for temporary rent, furnished apartments, rooms for rent, apartments, 1-room apartments and rooms in shared apartments.

Another good way to spend your stay in Regensburg comfortably and without involving a lot of effort is hidden behind the term “temporary living” or “temporary living”.

Fully furnished temporary living in Regensburg

Temporary living has become more popular over the past several years and is constantly gaining new followers. The characteristic of it: Furnished rooms or fully furnished apartments are rented for a limited period of time. The tenant benefits from great adaptability and it is particularly suitable for people who will only be staying in Regensburg for a certain period of time.

Temporary living in Regensburg - What is it and how does it work exactly?

Temporary living generally means the following: You rent an apartment or a room for a certain period of time. This apartment or room is made available fully furnished by the landlord.

This form of living has its advantages if you don't intend to live in Regensburg for a long time. Because a regular rental contract has the downside that it is often not fixed in time and usually has to run for a longer period of time.

A hotel room is also not an alternative, since the expenses skyrocket and a domestic sentiment usually does not arise.

As a result, temporary living in Regensburg offers the option of renting a furnished room or accommodation for a limited period of time without being expensive. A rental] is limited and can often be flexibly extended.

In addition, the time-consuming set-up of the new home is no longer necessary and there is no need to prepare and carry out an expensive move. For this reason you save yourself a lot of hectic and you are very agile in terms of living in Regensburg.

In addition, you do not have to look for a new tenant after the agreed rental period has expired and you can move out directly without any other obligations.

Advantages of temporary living in Regensburg

Anyone who rents furniture in Regensburg enjoys a number of advantages:

Easy and quick rental
A room or an apartment can be rented directly and without a bothersome and time-consuming inspection. This only requires certain required data and a rental contract as well as the rental is nothing in the way. Temporary living is almost as easy as booking a room in a hotel.

Lease agreements with flexible terms
The norm is open-ended contracts, often with a notice period of three months. This is less practical for people who need to stay agile and want to live and work regardless of location. In such cases, fully furnished temporary living is much more useful and comfortable.

Fully furnished rooms
Temporary living means that the rooms and apartments are fully furnished. There is a kitchen with stove/oven, dishwasher and fridge, bathrooms with bath, shower and toilet, living area with chairs and dining table and rooms with closet, desk and bed.

Top location for manageable money
The advantage of hotel rooms is usually their location and good connections. As a result, you can quickly get to the university or work and you can just as easily reach public transport.

Little moving costs
Because the rooms or apartments are furnished and fully equipped, there are no costs for moving the household. So you don't have to worry about a vehicle for the move and saves a lot of time and nerves.

When is temporary living in Regensburg suitable for?

Many people are drawn to Regensburg for professional reasons. But students or interns, for example from abroad, also have to come here for some time. Furnished temporary accommodation is particularly suitable for this group of people. Temporary living is currently of interest to the following people:

fitters and temporary workers
As a temporary worker or craftsman on projects in Regensburg, this type of living is perfect, especially if you know how long the activity or how long the construction project is designed to last.

People who work on projects
Project workers also prefer this type of living, since their projects are often limited temporarily, but the demand for beautiful living is not less present as a result.

students / interns
Furnished rooms are ideal for students so that they can start directly in Regensburg without being exposed to the risk of not having a room. After that you can look for a long-term room on the spot. This is de facto different for interns, since they often only stay in Regensburg for a limited time and thus avoid the complete stress of looking for an apartment.

Temporary living or a fully furnished apartment / room is also an ideal start in Regensburg for newcomers. With a home on site, you can then look for a new home without hectic.

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